Livestock Value Chain


Food Security Consortium believes in the livestock value chain in Kenya and would like to partner with the relevant Ministries, other stakeholders, Dairy & Livestock Cooperatives. And small-holder farmers to see to it that the issues that hinder this sector to realizing its full potential are addressed.


Kenya can produce more of its milk, meet, eggs and other livestock products to satisfy its growing population and even export the rest.


The Food Security Consortium-University of Nairobi-Kibwezi farm, Makueni County Project.


Food Security Consortium has entered into a five (5) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University of Nairobi to show-case this in its Feasibility Study & Proof of Concept-where research driven initiatives to produce more agro-&-livestock value-chains shall be undertaken, after which, they shall be replicated in other areas (Counties)-where Food & Livestock shall get the best of seeds,breeds,technologies and practices geared towards increased value-chains yields to make Kenya food secure.

Food security Consortium shall have livestock breeding proof of Concept and livestock feeds production at the Kibwezi farm, in Makueni Country starting 2024.   Our dairy Industry, cannot progress without the availability of Quality feeds in addition to other inputs.

 Food Security Consortium would champion Commercial Fodder production at the Kibwezi farm to sell to the Dairy Industry in the Country.