Promoting food and water insecurity in Africa, starting with Kenya

Promoting perennial food and water insecurity in Africa, starting with Kenya
and upscale in other African countries

Nourishing Africa’s future through perennial solutions for food and water security.

Provide socio-economic opportunity through innovation, technology, inputs, governance and other resources helping rural Kenya to thrive

FSC supports and funds Water infrastructure development

Supporting and funding Water infrastructure development and the conversion of the Arid-&-Semi-Arid lands into arable and habitable lands for both its people & Livestock.

2 M+
Farmers in Kenya
50 %
Earning a living from agriculture
$ 16 B
Amount need to achieve food security

In the initiative to alleviate perennial food and water insecurity in Africa, starting with Kenya and upscale in other African countries, the Food Security Consortium plays a key role as a Pan-African Economic Freedom Think-Tank FSC provides leadership on food, agriculture,value chains, natural resources, climate change, rural develop- ment, nutrition, and related issues based on public policy, the best available science, and effective management to enhance food security.

Propose, fund and contribute to solving  food & Water
insecurity in Kenya.

Kenyan Diaspora Community exhibits substantial goodwill to alleviating poverty 

Did you know?

Maximum yield has never been achieved in current farming

Did you know?

Agriculture Employs 40 % of the total population and 70% of the rural Population.

Did you know?

Only 20% of land in Kenya suitable for farming

What we are upto


FSC participated in fostering dialogue and collaboration among the government, the Diaspora, and the private sector


Collaborative partnership to increase engagement and undertake initiatives geared towards addressing food insecurity in kenya and beyond


Dubbed "The Great Millet Quest" initiative, the competition specifically targets students from the University of Nairobi – College of Agriculture and Veterinary Services (CAVS).


Since 2023, FSC has Been dedicated to resolving Kenya’s Food Security issues. h

Food Security Bond (FSB)

Kenya needs around $30 billions to create long term food security for its people that is notdependent primarily on seasonal rain regime or negative forces of Climate Change.


Food Security Consortium (FSC-USA) SEEKS to Partner with the Government of Kenya(GoK), the Ministry of Water, Sanitation & Irrigation, The Ministry of Agriculture,Livestock,Fisheries & Cooperatives & all State Agencies in the Water Sector,Water Works Development Agencies, Water Service Providers, Community Water Providers and all Critical stakeholders in the Water Sector, including the Donors and other International Players to Craft Workable and Bankable Water Solutions to the PERENNIAL WATER SHORTAGE Question in KENYA via a Coming Food & Water Security bond that shall support the infrastructural development and support of the Water Sector.

Join the journey: Transforming lives, nourishing Africa.